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VISION Roundtable Review: Investment Through Communication

Posted by Jade Baranski on Jun 25, 2021 10:07:47 AM

On June 16, 2021 the Mobilize Team hosted a roundtable discussion with innovation leaders throughout the DoD to gather insight on what’s possible in the world of innovation and technology.

During the discussion, attendees honed in on the importance of military investment in innovation both financially and culturally. Since the Cold War, the importance of innovation in the military pipeline has been at the leading edge. Within the global military community, defense capabilities are only as efficient as your next innovation move. With this mindset at the forefront, the Mobilize team has been and is committed to the continuation of streamlining the communication and innovation pipelines for our individual service members and the nation. That holistic streamlining begins with a single Airman, Soldier, or Sailor.


A few of the key takeaways were:


  • Powerful innovation is the key to positioning the U.S. Military ahead of our adversaries.


  • For powerful innovation to happen, Military culture and leadership must be invested in the innovation process. 


  • To better present the innovations to senior leaders, we must find ways to quantify the inevitable risk vs. reward that comes with the innovation process.


  • “So What” innovations shouldn’t be the centerpiece of our innovation process simply because they are easy to develop. Innovations only have power if they have a clear purpose.


  • Effective innovation should be rewarded. This incentive will empower other service members to think creatively in the development of their own innovations.


As the Mobilize VISION ecosystem continues to develop, connecting this technology to the communication capabilities of our recently released Enterprise platform is paramount. Successful innovation does not happen without efficient communication. We here at Mobilize are dedicated to just that.


If you are interested in learning more about Mobilize VISION, please click on the link to schedule some time with our Chief of Staff, Nicole Haun. 


After the heavy interest of the first round table along with the feedback we received, we have decided to host another roundtable Thursday, July 22, 2021 at 3pm EST. Save your seat today. 

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