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Innovations and CPI: What Are They and How Do They Work Together?

The innovation process is always a difficult one from securing funding to development and implementation. Oftentimes many innovators within the Department of Defense experience another layer of difficulty by not quite understanding the difference between an innovation and a CPI, or a continuous process improvement. While they are related, they can both have two completely different avenues to achieving the outcome.

In brief, the two are defined as such: 

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VISION Roundtable Review: Innovation in the DoD

On July 22, 2021 the Mobilize team hosted a roundtable discussion with visionary leaders about the state of innovation throughout the Department of Defense. We are happy to report that the DoD is primed for a powerful change in its innovation process and Mobilize VISION is the tool to actualize those possibilities! Countless decks, video calls, and emails cannot guide the innovation process. A tool is needed to facilitate communication, tracking, data collection, and collaboration in a single space. Mobilize VISION is that tool.

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